selena “im getting to know nick better”

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Selena Gomez shopped on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City Sunday afternoon just before Miley Cyrus made international headlines with her rousing Sweet 16 performances at Disneyland. Sel hit up Urban Outfitters before getting some ice-cream with Mommy Mandy.

Selena recently told TV Guide that she and Nick Jonas are getting to know each other: ‘I’ve gotten really close to the entire Jonas family this past year. Nick and I are getting to know each other, but we’re not confirming anything.’ On Shia LaBeouf crush: ‘I’ve had a crush on him ever since he was on Even Stevens. It’s very far-fetched, but I would love to have Shia on Wizards.’

On being a role model: ‘No one’s perfect. To be honest, I’m quite boring! I love to go bowling and to the movies. When it comes to my wardrobe, I think I dress like a 30-year-old woman.


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selena proud of being spanish and called nick on b-day

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Selena Gomez spilled to Blogamole on being a proud Mexican and calling and giving a gift to rumored boyfriend Nick Jonas on his Sweet Sixteen.

What gives you the most pride about being Mexican? There are a lot of things that make me prideful. For me its when I have moms come up to me after a show or taping and they say, Its so wonderful to see a Latina that my kids can look up to.

I think that makes me feel so proud of where I come from because I do feel like its a huge step for the Disney channel to have their first Latin show. Its incredible and I am happy to be a part of that family.

Is there a particular way you keep your family traditions alive? When I go back home, we do the same things that we always do. There is this park right in front of my grandmas house and believe it or not I have eighty cousins!

So we all get together as a family and my grandma makes her rice, my other abuelita makes her soup, and my aunt makes her tamales. That is our moment to be together.

What other Latinos in entertainment do you really look up to? I was actually having a heart attack not too long ago because I got to visit Salma Hayek at her office.

I was so excited to meet her because when I was younger my family, and my dad in particular loved Salma. He always thought she was beautiful and even had a poster of her. I was like a little kid when I saw her was so exciting.

We recently saw you at the Teen Vogue event. Do you consider yourself a fashionista at all? No, not really. I love fashion and I love to dress up, but I kind of follow my own style. I wear whatever makes me feel comfortable.

How was it playing Mary for Another Cinderella Story? Was it difficult learning all of the dance moves? It was so much fun! I am not a dancer, so I had to take two months of dance training before I could do the movie. I had the best time and my favorite piece was learning the tango. It was a good experience for me.

How was it playing a rebel in the movies single Tell Me Something I Dont Know? The mansion we actually shot the video in was stunning. Running around and doing things that I thought my character would do was nice. I think the video was more for Mary than it was for Selena!

Did you get a chance to celebrate Nick Jonas birthday with him and the brothers? I wished him a happy birthday and I hope he had a great birthday. On his actual birthday I was working so a phone call was pretty much the extent of it all.

Was there a surprise gift? There was a gift. [Laughs]

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