Demi Lovato On Selena Gomez ‘We’re Both Hispanic And Have Dark Hair. It’s Just One Of Those Things.’

October 8, 2008 at 7:51 pm (Uncategorized)

Demetria Devonne Lovato spilled her heart out to BOP! about her undying friendship with BFF Selena Marie Gomez. ‘Selena and I aren’t competitive. We’ve talked about it and we’ve known since we were young that we have the same image.

We’re both Hispanic and have dark hair, it’s just one of those things. We would drive three hours to an audition in Austin and my mom would say if one of us gets something it’s better than none of us getting something. So whoever gets it, we’re happy for each other.

On inside jokes: ‘We gave like a thousand inside jokes. We have this one thing that nobody else knows: ‘Robby says hi.’ And only Selena would know what it means. If anyone says, ‘Demi says Robby says hi’ to her, she’ll think it’s the funniest thing ever.’

On sharing everything:‘Selena will go through my makeup bag and be like, ‘Hey, isn’t this my eyeliner and eye shadow brush?’ and I’ll be like, ‘Yeah, about that.. sorry!’ and she’ll be like, ‘No, it’s cool.’ Then I go to her hotel room and say, ‘Hey, aren’t those my shoes?’ and she’s like, ‘Yeah.”


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